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Remember the Charlie Brown cartoon where Lucy offered psychiatric help for 5 cents?  We built a life-size replica to provide mental health and thoughtful listening to playa!  And Lucy will always waive the usual 5 cent charge!  The stand will be staffed by our camp’s board certified clinical social worker (dressed as Lucy) or one of our other camp members (also dressed as Lucy but who have no mental health training at all)!  Have mental health questions? Are you ready to experience a mental metamorphosis?  Just want to chat with Lucy in a life-sized cartoon setting?  Stop by Dare 2 Be Rare camp during office hours and look for the big yellow stand.Type your paragraph here.

Truth or Dare Jenga  

Na-Meat-Stay with Meat Communion (previously Burning Beef and Bison BBQ): THE camp signature event!  We BBQ over 120+lbs of meat (Tri Tip and bison) to serve 400+ people over a 3.5hour period. We have passed Health and Safety for the past 2 years since going public. We are proud of this event and the organizers have successfully BBQ’d on the Playa for 7 consecutive years. True to form, we have an alter for our Meat Priest & Naughty Nun to accept intimate confessionals and give meat communion. 

Lucy Booth - Help is in   

Fathers Weiner Meat Communion  (our signature event)

Our “Beat Your Own Badges” workspace is set up for the week. A lesson learned from last year, our medallion making activity was very popular and was asked to be brought out through the week. So we are making it available starting Monday. We provide metal blanks, letters stamps and a bench to hammer out whatever is meaningful to the person and they retain a memorable keepsake..

You got A MINUTE to spare? Well Dare 2 B Rare has 60 minutes to spare with you and the rest of the Burners out there. Come join us and show us your competitive nature in Minute to Win It Playa Style! Through fun activities that test your “junk” shaking skills to your “ball” handling techniques to your inner “stick” strength, see where you rank in this friendly competition. Ready?! Every second counts cause you’ve got only a Minute to Win it! Go! 

We have a 16x20’ twister mat with enough space for 20-30 twisted bodies. These are adult themed games and are a follow on to Monday’s acculturation event with a more personal / intimate twist - literally. We serve drinks and “Dare people to be Rare” J

Our version of the popular Jenga game. Only our version is a little more fun & naughty.

Our 3ft tall large scale Jenga game consists of 54 precision-crafted, specially finished hard wood blocks with special adult call to action instruction on each.. Stack all of the blocks in levels of three placed next to each other along their long sides and at a right angle to the previous level. As the participant extracts a piece they need then action the instruction they selected.