We will follow our breakdown/cleanup plans to remove all materials we bring to the playa.

  • The last group to leave each camp zone will conduct a final departure inspection of every square foot of the zone and will remove any MOOP found.
  • The last group to leave the camp will conduct a final departure sweep and full inspection of every square foot of our camp, crossing each square foot of the camp both left to right and up to down. This group will remove any MOOP found so that on departure, we will leave no trace.

On your Departure From Camp

We're serious about leave no trace

LNT means you prepared ahead of time for your arrival on the playa

  • Remove unneeded packaging before you leave home
  • DO NOT bring bottle beverages, unless it’s a huge bottle of Vodka
  • DO NOT bring beer bottles
  • ONLY Aluminum cans

We know from experience that unless every camp member pitches in it will be tougher to LNT at the end of the burn. Here’s our Leave No Trace Plan

LNT Leader (Porno)

Before you land on playa

while your At camp

Dare to be rare

Burning man

theme camp

To minimize our impact on the playa, we will follow these rules:

  • We will clean as we go, realizing that any trash or MOOP (matter out of place) can blow away or be buried at any moment.
  • We will follow our daily assigned schedule for MOOP patrol and cleanup in each zone and for the overall camp.
  • We will keep our recyclables, burnables, and non-burnables separated for easier disposal or recycling.
  • We will take care of any trash left by our guests, invited or otherwise.
  • We will tie down every tent and structure with cord and rebar stakes.
  • We will keep all items tied or weighted down to prevent them from blowing away.
  • We will recheck each vehicle on the playa for oil or other leaks. The owner of any vehicle found to be leaking will install drip pans and/or tarps to contain the leaks.
  • We will encourage guests in our camp to use their own cups, glasses, and utensils.
  • We will bring our own cups, glasses, and utensils when visiting other camps.
  • We won't light fires on bare ground, leaving scars.
  • We'll have self contained BBQ units for cooking that won't leave any ash or waste behind.
  • We won't dig holes more than 3 inches in diameter or trenches that scar the playa.
  • We will pack out everything we bring in that is not burned in a public burn barrel.
  • We will NEVER put any trash into the port-o-potties or leave any trash near the potties. If it doesn't come out of our bodies, it won't go in the potties.

Prior to departure for Black Rock, all camp members will read and agree to the following:

  • We will designate an LNT Director who is ultimately responsible for insuring camp cleanliness.
  • We'll use reusable containers to transport our gear and supplies to the playa.
  • We won't bring too much food, because we REALLY won't feel like cooking.
  • We avoid the use of any materials containing flimsy paper, sequins, feathers, or other small materials that can shed onto the playa.
  • Be prepared to leave 8 cubic feet of empty space (2’x2’x2’=8’) in your vehicle on the way to the desert so that it may be used for trash on the return.
  • Be prepared to check your vehicle for oil or other leaks before departing for the playa.
  • We will use oil pans under every vehicle while parked on the playa.
  • We will follow our breakdown/cleanup plans to remove all materials we bring to the playa.
  • We will conduct a final departure sweep and inspection of every square foot of our camp to leave no trace.
  • We will once again attain our green rating post-event.
  • All camp members agree to be personally and collectively responsible to Leave No Trace at our campsite as a condition of participation in Above The Limit.