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Burning man

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Welcome to Dare to be Rare. We are still a protein inspired day camp that practices the 10 Principles of Burning Man as well as the five food groups for the week we are on the playa. Meat, Grain (by way of spirits), Meat, Water,& did I mention Meat.  As a camp Dare has been around for 5 years (Brad & Mike). This year Dare has a new core team. Previous Dare 2016 crew is helping take Dare to a new level. 

After a year off, Dare To Be Rare restarted in 2018 and rocked the house. We are getting more naughty the older we get and this year we won't disappoint. We pride ourselves on instilling fun, participation and energy into our surroundings whilst living our camp principles on and o, f the playa

We are a participatory day theme camp where we run a number of inclusive events during the week to entice the playa community to join in our fun. We are inclusive & participative, engaging & hardworking and a fun loving group of people. Is this your new home?. Our intentions are simple. We are here to have a great time and to give back to our playa community and grow our family year on year. Running our events and seeing all the smiling faces fills us with gratitude and appreciation and we would expect this to be true for you if you choose to join our family.

During the week we run 7-8 events that camp members participate in. Our playa renowned Father's Weiner Communion with our very own Meat Preist & Naughty Nun will back along side all their naughty Alter boys & girls.

New events will be posted soon, but know we are a new crew with some older and some new friends leader the camp. 

Beats n Badges has been popular every year, so we are setting up all week long. Come and make a burning man badge keepsake for your week. Tues & Thurs is our signature event. (Name to be decided) (previously Na-Meat-Stay). This year the theme will still be naughty, with more devious themes from the naughty Nun and the meat Priest.

Later in the week, we will be running Naked Tanked Twister. We think these will be very popular with the community too.

NEW for this year: (More coming soon on future activities)

Sidebar: For those that know us as Dare to be Rare 2015 & 2016, Mike & Brad have gone their separate ways with their own theme camps. (Brad - Dare to be Rare, Mike - HonestMiSteak . Nothing went wrong, we are both great friends, we both just wanted something different this time around. Our aim in 2018 is is to camp alongside each other to form a mini village. Best of both worlds. Dare to be Rare & HonestMiSteak if we get placed together would form a mini village yet keep all our friends close. 

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